30 Aug

A new intention

Many years have passed since I first started this blog, and after several life changes the original intention that I had for it no longer drives me with the same energy. It is time for a fresh start.

When I pressed him to give me feedback, Greg Serikoff, one of the founders of the Codesign-it collective, gave me a piece of advice that stayed with me: that I shouldn’t wait until a text is perfect before sharing it, that I should be ready to bring out more unfinished products into the world.

It struck me as a great paradox.

Done beats perfect

Even though I had been evolving in the world of “test and learn” and educating others about prototyping processes, when it came to writing down ideas I felt the need to wait until they were more mature, until the model was perfect, until I was confident that the light of clarity would shine through.

But of course ideas not shared miss their chance to resonate with others and to bounce around. No new insight can come from a closed circuit recycling the same old material. The fear of being wrong kills the opportunity for new discoveries.

Useful uselessness

Another reason for a new intention is linked to the circumstances in which I started my blog in the first place. This site was meant as a commercial window for my freelancing activity, and after some soul-searching I realised that I was caught in a catch-22 where the need to be “innovative” and “useful” was killing the soul of my research.

Today I have resolved to embrace all the influences that formed me and to allow them to coexist without trying to label them or judge which ones are most relevant: my studies in philosophy, sociology, political sciences, HR and organisations; relationships from past and present workplaces; professional experiences at the top and at the bottom of the pyramid; creative, commercial and theoretical endeavours; and of course the never-ending flow of inspiration that I get from working with game developers.

May this new blog era give room to wild ideas, bold hypotheses and incomplete theories! And may these imperfect offsprings find their buddies in unexpected places, to keep on playing with others at assembling the infinite puzzle of human knowledge.

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