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I work with tools and methods that help creative ideas come to life, both in business and education. The notion of fun is at the heart of my research on motivation, innovation and team dynamics.

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In my blog I write about systems thinking, game design, organisations, and everything in between.

I write mostly in English. Lately I have been working on projects in France which have given rise to more posts in French.

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Design thinking, Agile, game design, Holacracy… all these disciplines have one thing in common: they value failure as a way to learn. But while creativity might require a leap of faith, you don’t have to jump without a parachute. To innovate in complex systems we design safe-to-fail experiments, with just the right amount of rules to guide us.

Are you curious about new ways of working? Would you like to create a game with your team? Or do you need to make sense of an emerging idea?

Whether it’s a beginning of something or an ongoing project, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to get in touch.

Quote of the moment:

“If you can’t have fun with the problem, you will never solve it.”

MG Taylor

Featured guest post

By Fabien Bataille


Holacracy: How does it work?

What is Holacracy? Principles, roles and rituals of Holacracy, a non-hierarchical model for evolving organisations based on cellular dynamics.


Something new to learn

A crash course on SQL, by Zi Chong Kao

Select star SQL

Discover the wonderful world of databases with this excellent interactive book. The choice of dataset might not leave you unmoved. Free of charge, free of ads, no registration or downloads required.

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