For me theory and practice work hand in hand. I love managing projects and developing products in Agile environments, where the magic of team work can truly be experienced. I also love to reflect on the impact of work and video games on society at large.

I am currently employed at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences which takes up most of my time, but I am always interested in developing content for talks and workshops if the topic resonates with me. Feel free to contact me for potential collaborations!

Warm regards,
Coline Pannier



Antura learning game Arabic

Antura and the Letters

Role: Project management
Type: Learning game
Platform: PC, iOS, Android
StatusPublished by Video Games Without Borders

Antura and the Letters is a learning game developed in partnership with Cologne University, Video Games Without Borders and Wixel Studios in Lebanon. I managed the project during the Alpha phase, coordinating teams across several countries. Designed to teach out-of-school children how to read and write Arabic, Antura won the EduApp4Syria competition and the Titanium Award for best serious game.

Squla educative platform


Role: Project management, copywriting, QA
Type: Educative platform
Platform: PC, iOS, Android
StatusPublished by Squla

I was in charge of content production for the launch of the French version of Squla, a popular gamified platform. For this project I hired, trained and coordinated the work of a dozen teachers and copywriters. A rich and insightful experience that I documented in a blog post:
3 things I learned on Agile with primary school teachers

Educational game Creators


Role: Project management, UX research and design
Type: Educational game
Platform: 'DIY' board game
Status: Shelved

Creators is a board game on the topic of circular economy that I created as part of inaloop games, the startup that I cofounded with Game Designer Sofía Montuori. Although successfully tested and finalized, Creators did not find its path to the market. On this project I worked with Sofía on the design to bring a maximum of simplicity while keeping the essence of the game alive.

Platformer Kite Crush

Kite Crush

Role: Project management, level design, UX, copywriting
Type: Platformer game
Platform: Mobile, native app
Status: Beta

On this project, which I managed with Gamious, we had a promising concept but a very small team. With limited resources, I worked hands-on on many levels, created content for the game and did a lot of tests. We reached about 80% of completion of the levels and started testing communication assets. After I left Gamious the project was put on hold and hasn’t been picked up again at this stage.

Puzzle game Briquid


Role: QA, localization
Type: Puzzle game
Platform: Mobile, native app
StatusPublished by Gamious

On Briquid, I mainly assisted the development team in testing and selecting the levels - a hundred in total. Because it is a puzzle game, the mastery of the learning curve and difficulty was of utmost importance. I also localized the text from English to French, taking great pleasure in transposing every pun so that French speakers would also have a laugh when playing.

Learning game Ubi 4 Newbies

Ubi 4 Newbies

Role: Project management, UI and system design, copywriting
Type: Learning game
Platform: PC, browser-based
Status: Deployed in Ubisoft’s 50 studios and subsidiaries

Ubi 4 Newbies was my first video game project. I coordinated a team of 15 people across 5 locations, from the infancy of the project until the final delivery. I was working hand-in-hand with Game Designer Charles Bensoussan to create the content.