Welcome to my portfolio!

For me theory and practice work hand in hand. I love managing projects and developing products in agile environments, where the magic of team work can truly be experienced.

I bring value to projects through structured and clear processes, articulating the creative vision with customer insights and business objectives. I am passionate about my work, so I always bring my enthusiasm and good vibes to the table!

You will find below a selection of projects that I have worked on. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.

Warm regards,
Coline Pannier



Antura learning game Arabic

Antura and the Letters

Role: Project management
Type: Learning game
Platform: PC, iOS, Android
StatusPublished by Video Games Without Borders

Antura and the Letters is a learning game developed in partnership with Cologne University, Video Games Without Borders and Wixel Studios in Lebanon. I managed the project during the Alpha phase, coordinating teams across several countries. Designed to teach out-of-school children how to read and write Arabic, Antura won the EduApp4Syria competition and the Titanium Award for best serious game.

Squla educative platform


Role: Project management, copywriting, QA
Type: Educative platform
Platform: PC, iOS, Android
StatusPublished by Squla

I was in charge of content production for the launch of the French version of Squla, a popular gamified platform. For this project I hired, trained and coordinated the work of a dozen teachers and copywriters. A rich and insightful experience that I documented in a blog post:
3 things I learned on Agile with primary school teachers

Educational game Creators


Role: Project management, UX research and design
Type: Educational game
Platform: 'DIY' board game
Status: Shelved

Creators is a board game on the topic of circular economy that I created as part of inaloop games, the startup that I cofounded with Game Designer Sofía Montuori. Although successfully tested and finalized, Creators did not find its path to the market. On this project I worked with Sofía on the design to bring a maximum of simplicity while keeping the essence of the game alive.

Platformer Kite Crush

Kite Crush

Role: Project management, level design, UX, copywriting
Type: Platformer game
Platform: Mobile, native app
Status: Beta

On this project, which I managed with Gamious, we had a promising concept but a very small team. With limited resources, I worked hands-on on many levels, created content for the game and did a lot of tests. We reached about 80% of completion of the levels and started testing communication assets. After I left Gamious the project was put on hold and hasn’t been picked up again at this stage.

Puzzle game Briquid


Role: QA, localization
Type: Puzzle game
Platform: Mobile, native app
StatusPublished by Gamious

On Briquid, I mainly assisted the development team in testing and selecting the levels - a hundred in total. Because it is a puzzle game, the mastery of the learning curve and difficulty was of utmost importance. I also localized the text from English to French, taking great pleasure in transposing every pun so that French speakers would also have a laugh when playing.

Learning game Ubi 4 Newbies

Ubi 4 Newbies

Role: Project management, UI and system design, copywriting
Type: Learning game
Platform: PC, browser-based
Status: Deployed in Ubisoft’s 50 studios and subsidiaries

Ubi 4 Newbies was my first video game project. I coordinated a team of 15 people across 5 locations, from the infancy of the project until the final delivery. I was working hand-in-hand with Game Designer Charles Bensoussan to create the content.