07 May

How to use elements of game design for your workshop design

Workshop works with Myriam Hadnes

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Myriam Hadnes for her podcast Workshops Work. From the initial question “What can video game design teach us about workshop design?” we ventured into education, codesign, Agile, facilitation and even existentialism. That was so much fun to do!

Listen to my conversation with Myriam and find out:

  • What video game design and workshop design have in common
  • Why humility is essential for facilitators
  • The power of frustration and challenges, and why we should embrace them in workshops
  • How restriction boosts creativity
  • What facilitators are responsible for, what they can control, and what they should leave behind
Workshop design and game design

The episode is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other popular players.

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