Welcome to my portfolio!

I am a hands-on Project Manager with 8 years of experience in the video games industry and I have been working as a freelancer since 2012. Applied and educational games are my main field of interest and expertise. I have also produced commercial mobile games in a startup environment.

I bring value in projects through structured and clear processes, articulating the creative vision with customer insights and business objectives. I am passionate about my work, so I always bring my enthusiasm and good vibes to the table!

You will find below a selection of projects that I have worked on. You can simply click on an image or scroll down to find out more about each project.

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Coline Pannier

Coline Pannier


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Ubi 4 Newbies

Role: Project management, UI and system design, copywriting
Type: Learning game
Platform:PC, browser-based
Status: Deployed in Ubisoft’s 50 studios and subsidiaries

This was my first video game project. I coordinated a team of 15 people across 5 locations, from the infancy of the project until the final delivery. I was working hand-in-hand with the game designer to create the content.

Game concept by Charles Bensoussan. Art direction by Jean-Michel Tari.

Homepage mockup
Gameplay screenshot
Interlevel layout


Role: Project management, UX research and design
Type: Educational game
Platform: 'DIY' board game
Status: In progress

Creators is an ongoing game project that Sofía Montuori and I have designed from scratch. Our goal is to explore ways to produce a board game in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. While Sofía is the creative force behind the project, I am her "left side" of the brain, working on the design with her to bring a maximum of simplicity while keeping the essence of the game. The board game itself has now been successfully tested and finalized. The production process is still in progress.

Creative direction & cards by Sofia Montuori. Logo and mascot by Joachim Mahn. Box prototype by Esther Kakes.

Game assets
User research

Kite Crush

Role: Project management, UX and level design, copywriting
Type: Platformer game
Platform: Mobile, native app
Status: Beta

On this project, which I managed with Gamious, we had a promising concept but a very small team. With limited resources, I worked hands-on on many levels, created content for the game and did a lot of tests. We reached about 80% of completion of the levels and started testing communication assets.
After I left Gamious the project was put on pause and hasn’t been picked up again at this stage.

Game concept by Bizon Entertainment. Art by Dennis Jongmans.

Level packages
Gameplay screenshot
Work documents


Role: QA, localization
Type: Puzzle game
Platform: Mobile, native app
StatusPublished by Gamious

On Briquid, I mainly assisted the development team in testing and selecting the levels - a hundred  in total. Because it is a puzzle game, the mastery of the learning curve and difficulty was of utmost importance. I also localized the text from English to French, taking great pleasure in transposing every pun so that French speakers would also have a laugh when playing.

Game concept by Erik Leppen. Project managed by Jos Bouman.

Examples of levels
Localization sample

Gameplay Programming Academy

Role: Project management
Type: International Training Program
Platform: Live sessions
Status: Completed

I received a mandate from Ubisoft's Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoet to create a program for senior Gameplay Programmers. The objective was to hone their design skills so as to "improve the player's comfort". With the help of a dedicated Senior Engineer, HR task-forces and an Experts Committee, I managed this project that took over a year, starting with the redefinition of the job's competencies. I supervised the outline and production of the program's content, until the final delivery and the organisation of a successful pilot session.

Program co-designed with Francisco Cabrita, now Player Experience Director at Ubisoft. 

Pilot session