Fantasy role-players

Rules in Scrum - The Roles

Role-playing skills at max level.

Roles are well-known indirect control methods; they are often used in games to drive behaviours in a desirable direction. Think of classic role-playing for instance, where we expect certain traits from each character: The archer is fast and vulnerable, the warrior has a big armor and can take a lot of damage, the wizard is powerful and relies on mana potions, etc.

Picture: Fantasy LARP (live-action role-playing).
Picture credits: “Hardenstein 2014 – Adventurers” by RalfHuels (photographer), Anja Arenz, Chris Kunz, Dossmo, Niamh, Paolo Tratzky, Svenja Schoenmackers¬†/. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons –